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Leonhard Königseder
Mentaltraining & Fitnesstraining

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Leonhard Königseder, BSc MA


Percussionist & Timpanist of the Grazer Philharmoniker / Oper Graz

Senior Lecturer for Percussion and Drumset

at the University for Music and performing Arts Graz

Teaching position for mental Training

at the University for Music and performing Arts Vienna

Bachelor of Science - Psychology

Education in "sports psychology training & coaching in sport"

Dipl. Mentaltrainer, Dipl. Sportmentaltrainer  & Dipl. Fitnesstrainer

As a professional musician and enthusiastic athlete, I have always been particularly interested in the topic of performance. The challenge of being able to call up the best possible performance at the right moment has always accompanied me. Mainly because this was not always the case for me. Mentally, I was anything but a natural, which is why I had to learn to bring what I had practiced from the rehearsal room to the stage.

It was and still is important for me to be mentally fit and healthy. If you want to perform at the highest level, you need a stable personality that is at peace with itself as a foundation. Performance in exchange for mental health must not be the goal. Rather, it is a matter of dealing with a wide variety of situations in the best possible way. This applies to music, to sports, and in my opinion, especially to life.

Mental training offers us opportunities to work not only on our performance, but also on our attitudes and values. Not winning at all costs, but the fun of mastering challenges, playing with difficult situations should be in the foreground.



Whether mental health, inner balance, professional success or balance between work and private life, I offer mental training for absolutely ALL people. You don't have to be an athlete or a musician to benefit from mental training!

No matter what your goals are - to become fitter, more relaxed or more self-confident - with well-founded tools and methods from mental training I can help you to achieve your individual goals!

Besides 1:1 mental training in presence or online via Zoom I also offer workshops for groups!​

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für Musiker:innen

Der richtige Umgang mit Nervosität, die Fähigkeit sich zu motivieren, gutes Zeitmanagement. sowie effizientes Arbeiten sind Themen, die nicht nur für angehende, sondern auch für im Beruf stehende Musiker:innen von großer Bedeutung sind.

Darüber hinaus sind körperliche Fitness, richtige Ernährung sowie ein guter Ausgleich für Körper und Geist nicht zu unterschätzende Aspekte, die einen großen Einfluss auf die Leistungsfähigkeit und innere Stärke ausüben. 

Ein fundiertes Wissen über all diese Themen ist Voraussetzung nicht nur für ein gutes Konzert oder ein erfolgreiches Probespiel, sondern auch für ein erfülltes und glückliches (Musiker:innen-) Leben.

Als ausgebildeter Mentaltrainer und Fitnesstrainer verbinde ich Theorie mit meiner mehr als 10 jährigen Berufserfahrung als Orchestermusiker und biete einfache, praxisorientierte Hilfestellungen für deinen persönlichen Erfolg, egal ob bei Probespielen, Wettbewerben oder im Berufsalltag.

Klicke HIER, um ein Erstgespräch zu vereinbaren!

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Performance is a matter of the head. I made this experience early on during my musical career. To be able to deliver a good performance, you need a lot of skills, including mental skills. 

You spend an immense amount of time working on your technique as well as your physique. Therefore, don't waste your hard-earned potential and invest a part of your work in the mental aspects of your performance!

In addition, it is my concern to promote your motivation and to find (again) fun in the sport. It's not just about winning, but rather about giving your all and loving the game in every situation, no matter how challenging!​


Besides 1:1 mental training in presence or online via Zoom I also offer workshops for your club or team!

Supervised sports (excerpt)



  • Tennis (ITF, ITF Junior, amateur players)

  • Fencing (national championships)

  • Athletics (youth national & state championships)

  • Football (women's & men's youth)

  • Alpine skiing (youth)

  • Volleyball (youth)


The right way to deal with nervousness, the ability to motivate oneself, good time

management, as well as efficient work are topics that are not only important for

aspiring musicians, but also for musicians in the profession are of great importance.

In addition, physical fitness, proper nutrition and a good balance for body and

mind are not to be underestimated aspects, which have a great influence on the

performance an inner strength. 

A sound knowledge of all these topics is a prerequisite not only for a good concert

or a successful audition, but also for a fulfilled and happy (musician's) life.

As a trained mental coach and fitness trainer, I combine theory with my more than

10 years of professional experience as an orchestra musician and offer simple,

practice-oriented assistance for your personal success.

No matter if you are auditioning, competing or in your daily work.

Besides 1:1 mental training in presence or online via Zoom, I also offer workshops for music schools, orchestra academies and orchestras.

Click HERE to learn more about my work in episode 14 of the podcasts Glanzespräche.


  • Percussion Meets Identity 

  • Woodstock Academy

  • Orchestra Academy WDR Sinfonieorchester Köln

  • Orchestra Academy Deutsche Oper Berlin

  • Orchestra Academy Bruckner Orchester Linz

  • Orchestra Academy Tonkünstler Orchester Niederösterreich

  • University of Music and  performing Arts Graz

  • University of Music and  performing Arts Wien



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Mental health is the basic prerequisite for a happy and successful life

and also has a great influence on our performance.


Mental training can help to achieve and maintain this with simple tools. 


I offer workshops of varying lengths on the topics of mental health,

relaxation, communication and performance.


In this way I can help you to promote the motivation and health of your employees.

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Leonhard Königseder

+43 650 / 78 36 507

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